Learn How to Crochet With These Great Tips

If your hands work too well at sewing and knitting, then you will also be interested in learning how to crochet. What is crochet, did you ask? Well, it is a process through which a fabric can be created from thread or yarn with the help of a crochet hook.

The process of crocheting is similar to knitting and involves pulling loops of yarn through the other loops – here, only one loop is active at a single time. This creative job is quite relaxing and full of fun, as you can experiment by crocheting various fabrics with many patterns and designs. If you do not know how to crochet, you can learn it. It is quite easy but needs some practice.

How To Get started…

To start learning how to crochet, you need a pair of scissors, a size G crochet hook, a worsted yarn and a yarn needle with a large eye.

For knowing how to crochet, firstly hold the crochet hook in the hand which you feel comfortable and make a slip knot on the hook with your yarn. Get the yarn over the hook from the back to the front and then grab it with the hook. Following this, bring out the hooked yarn through the slip knot onto the hook – this will result in one chain stitch.

If you want to master how to crochet, keep on repeating the process till the crochet length is as long as you wanted it to be. Now, insert the hook into the center of the second chain stitch, which is the second closest to the hook and draw the yarn through the chain stitch and onto the hook; you are now left with two loops on the hook. Get the yarn over the hook from the back to the front and draw it through both the loops on the hook – this will be one crochet stitch.

Repeat the process with the remaining chains and you will have one row of crochet. When you reach the end of the row, make one chain stitch and turn your work counter-clockwise. You must leave the hook in the chain. Create a new crochet row and continue crocheting till you have a block as big as you would like. After you have finished, you can cut the yarn six inches from the block.

This is all about the basics of how to crochet – before you detach the hook, draw the hook through the last loop that is there on the hook. Keep the end secure and for this you will need to thread the yarn into your yarn needle and weave the yarn back and forth through the stitches.

Once you learn how to crochet you will be able to use the crochet blocks for making many things like bags, scarves, cushion covers as well as blankets; use your creativity and have loads of fun.

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