Homemade Christmas Tree Coasters – a Fun and Easy Craft for Kids.

Here’s an easy craft that’s both inexpensive and gratifying. For this project,
we chose a christmas tree coaster for the holidays. But you can use your imagination to come up with a pattern
for any time of year.


Tissue paper


Material (front, back and bow)



1. First we need to make a template.

2. Take a piece of tissue paper approximately 6″ x 4″ and fold it in half.

3. On the folded edge, measure from top to bottom, 4 ¾”. Mark the top and bottom.

4. Now use your creativity, and from the top marker of the tissue paper to the bottom, trace a Christmas tree (one

5. Cut the one sided tree out and open the tissue paper.

6. Place the tissue paper tree on a piece of cardboard and trace.

7. Cut the tree out of the card board to create the template.

8. Depending on how many coasters you’re making, the material size and length will vary.

9. Sandwich the material together: front on top; batting in the middle, and the bottom (right side down).

10. Pin the material together.

11. Using the template, trace the tree out on the back side of the material with a fabric pencil.

12. Cut the tree out ¼” from the edge of the pencil line. DO NOT CUT ON THE LINE!

13. Once the coaster is cut out and pinned, you’re ready to sew the three pieces together.

14. Using a sewing machine, sew all three pieces of the material together on the penciled line.

15. Once sown together, cut around the coaster tree with the pinking sheers approximately ¼” from the
sown edge.

16. Cut a small strand of material and form a bow. Place the bow on top of the tree and secure with a button.


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