Easy-to-make hair clip holder.

Did you ever wonder where that hair clip went? Yes, loosing hair clips in
your house is common. Well, there is finally a solution. How about a braided hair clip “holder.” Your
hair clips will have a special place in your home. Hopefully, you’ll never have to look for one again. This is
a simple craft, and it can be made with stuff you already have in your home. Okay, lets get started.


Three 3′ X 6″ strips of material (variation of colors).

One 1′ wire

Six Strands of raffia.

1. Make a circle out of the wire about the size of a coffee mug rim. Twist it together and then
twine the excess into the circle, so you’re left with a wire circle.

2. Take a piece of raffia and inter-twine it around the wire circle, so now you have a circle
covered in raffia.

3. Take the material and drape it into the circle evenly. From the circle you should be left
with three double stands of material.

4. Here comes the fun part. Place the wire circle on a door knob, so that you can braid the material
easily. Braid the material down to about a foot and a quarter. Leave an excess of two inches of material down at
the bottom.

5. With another two stands of raffia, tie off the bottom of the braid with a pretty bow.

6. You can also put a bow on the edge of the circle at the top of the braid to give you clip
holder added appeal.

7. You may want to keep the clip holder in the bathroom, so try to use fabric colors that match
that room. Determine where your going to hang you clip holder, and then chose the colors accordingly. Have fun
clipping your braid!


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