How to Refresh a Cork Bulletin Board

A cork bulletin board is a neat item to hang above a desk or in a kitchen
to post notes and telephone numbers, or remind yourself of appointments and things to do. However, the cork boards
are not very pretty and show wear and tear quickly. Well, here’s a way of giving your old pin board a face lift.
It is simple to make, and the difference is amazing.




Glue gun

Straight pins

1. First decide on a color for the frame. Choose a color that will match your decor.

2. Choose an acrylic paint, which can be used on most surfaces. If your board frame is wood,
this is the best type of paint to use.

3. Next, select a fabric that will go well with both the decor of the room, and the color of
the frame.

4. Measure the corked area of the board. Cut the fabric to 1″ longer at each end. For example,
if the cork measures 10″ x 12″, then you will need a piece of fabric 11″ x 13″. The reason
for the extra inch of fabric is to give the cork a finished edge.

5. Place the fabric over the cork. At the edge, fold the fabric back under itself. Do not cover
the frame. Make the fabric fit snugly between the cork and the frame.

6. Now pin the fabric down. Once pinned, iron the sides.

7. At the corners, you may want to snip off some of the excess fabric, it can get bulky.

8. Make sure the fabric is precisely the right size, because you’re ready to start gluing the
fabric to the cork area of the board.

9. Remove the pins from the top edge and glue the fabric to the cork making sure that the edge
of the fabric touches the edge of the frame.

10. Now repeat with the bottom edge, pulling the material to avoid any ripples.

11. Lastly, glue the two sides, again pulling the material to avoid any ripples. Do not glue
the center of the fabric to the cork, it can be visible and cause unnecessary rippling.

12. That’s all it takes. Simple. This craft project should take about one hour. The only thing
to remember is to make sure the frame is dry before gluing the fabric to the cork.

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