How to choose a good password you will not forget

In 1878 they weren’t called hackers yet. Just practical jokers, teenage boys hired to run
the switchboards. Occasionally they would have fun by disconnecting and misdirecting calls. Today, hackers are
trying to steal our passwords, credit card numbers, and gain access into our personal business. This isn’t very
nice, so choose passwords carefully.

1. Do not use names or numbers associated with you. Spelling your grandmothers name backwards
in Greek isn’t a good idea either. Hackers are educated enough to make an educated guess.

2. Do not use any words, in any language. Password cracking programs are very sophisticated.
Instead use random letters and numbers, such as pnstj23.

3. Use both upper and lower case letters as well as punctuation, symbols or numbers (if allowed).

4. Use separate passwords for different accounts. A hack who cracks your password on one network
can use it to jump to other networks.

5. Change your password every few months. Programs that intercept passwords are common, so changing
your password offers some protection.

6. Do not e-mail your password to anyone.

7. Do not tell anyone your password. If someone calls you claiming to be from your ISP, don’t
give them any passwords. A legitimate technician will already have authorization to enter your system.

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