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How to Choose a Digital Camera

Digital cameras can be so much fun. And they can come in very handy in an untold number of situations, even where fun isn’t the object. This latest development in photographic technology eliminates some of the most expensive and bothersome elements of older technologies, such as the need for a continuous supply of film, someone to develop that film, and a place to store an ever-expanding number of photographs.

And it’s the elimination of those old stand-by elements of photography that makes how to choose a digital camera seem like such a leap forward in technologies that many people are intimidated by the prospect of even making the switch. There’s no need for intimidation, though, since the latest photographic innovations make photography much easier than it’s ever been before.

Perhaps the most important aspect of how to choose a digital camera is to first determine exactly what you want to accomplish with your new camera. Personal photos or professional? Occasional photography or something you’ll do a lot of? Daytime or nighttime? Action or still?

Today’s cameras are more versatile than their counterparts of just a few years back so how to choose a digital camera might be best accomplished by getting the features you know you’ll want, even if it means you’ll still have some mysterious workings available, too. Consider them something to advance to.

How to choose a digital camera will also depend upon budget. Today’s cameras may require a heftier initial investment than previous cameras did but the operating expenses are almost entirely eliminated, for most photographers, anyway. Do strive for the best you can afford but don’t buy something just because it comes with the most bells and whistles. If you won’t be using them, those bells and whistles are just expensive noise.

Pixels are an important consideration when considering how to choose a digital camera. The more pixels, the sharper the images you photograph. Do try to get a camera with the most pixels you can afford.

Random-access memory, also known as RAM, is another important consideration when it comes to how to choose a digital camera. You can always download your photographs into a computer to free up more RAM, which stores the images you’ve taken, but more RAM means you can store more pictures between downloads. This is particularly handy if you want to take your camera along on vacation, away from a computer, or for photography in remote locations.

How to choose a digital camera that you’ll really enjoy using also means looking for features such as a zoom lens, for shots close up and far away. Flash features, auto- and manual focus, voice recording capabilities, timers, and shutter speeds are other features you’ll want to investigate.

Also consider action shots versus still shots when pondering how to choose a digital camera. There was a time when both a movie camera and a still camera were required for shooting in these two modes but many of today’s digital cameras come with the ability to do both.

How to choose a digital camera is just the first step. Learning how to use it to its fullest capacity is another adventure. But it’s an adventure that can be captured one photo at a time, at the speed that works best for you.

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