Leaving a Job – How to Handle a Resignation, Termination or Retirement

Leaving your current job can cause you and your company a fair amount of stress. That is
why when you do give notice, it should be professional and in a positive manner, regardless of how you really feel.

1. Give a fair amount of notice (usually two weeks to one month).

2. Tell your boss that you have found a position that will be in your best interest to accept.
Also point out the advantages the new job will create for you.

3. Be positive and professional when telling the boss that you are leaving. There is no need
to mention how much you hate the place or that you are sick of working with idiots.

4. Always write a resignation letter and make copies to other departments such as personnel or
human resource. Briefly reflect on all of the positive experiences you’ve had at the company or how much you have

5. Never say or claim that your present job was difficult or that you were not satisfied with
any part of it.

6. Help train the new employee if possible.

7. Always keep a positive nature throughout the entire exit interview. If you need to explain
certain injustices, do so in a professional manner.

8. Remember, it pays to be in a good frame of mind when leaving, and to make your boss feel that
you have his best interest in mind. You never know when you might want your job back. It happens more often than
you may think.

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