Be A Successful Leader

How to Be a Successful Leader

All good leaders have this in common, positive self-esteem. It is vital to your success as
a business person and a human being. You must feel good about yourself to accomplish great things and have control
over your life.

1. Goals are the means to use to reach your dreams. Do not make your goals unrealistic.

2. Use small successes to generate larger ones.

3. Keep pushing yourself to allow you to reach your full potential. There is a price to pay to
be successful, and that price is hard work. Do not be afraid of it.

4. Being positive is an attitude that can be controlled by you.

5. Surround yourself with positive people and block out all the negative ones you come in contact

6. Good habits should be second nature.

7. Make sure that every day you are in control. Be focused and don’t put things off until tomorrow.
It can be a bad habit.

8. Communicating is a powerful force, and that doesn’t mean you should be doing all the talking.
You must listen.

9. How you relate to people in your business is extremely important. Treat them with respect.

10. A good leader will learn from others. Do not allow your ego stop you from seeking advice
from people that have been there before you. Learn from their mistakes.

11. Pressure and stress are two different animals. Pressure makes a person more focused. Stress
robs you of it and harms your performance.

12. Anyone can be great for a short time, but to be successful over the duration of your life,
you must be persistent. The essence of persistence is not to quit. Take it out of your vocabulary.

13. How you handle adversity is a sign of your maturity. Do not be afraid of it, meet it head
on and take immediate action, because it won’t go away by itself.

14. If you fail, accept it. You learn by failure and you’ll be better prepared and wiser the
next time around.

15. Keep striving for excellence.

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