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Learn How to Copyright Your Important Documents

In this world of fabrication and plagiarism, knowing how to copyright is very essential for those involved in serious jobs. Copyright is a legal concept, enacted by the governments, giving the creator of original artistic works some special rights to reproduce his works. Copyright provides the copyright holder with the right to be credited for his creation, to determine who may adopt the work and perform it, and receive benefits from it.

The main purpose of the copyright is to promote the creation of new works by giving the creator some control and rights. Like trademark, patent, etc. copyright is almost like an intellectual property right that suits best to any expressible form of idea. If you know how to copyright your work, it will be saved from being plagiarized. Some copyrights last between fifty to hundred years. However, for corporate or anonymous creations it extends only to a finite period. This is why it is so important to know how to copyright.

Learning how to copyright

Many people think that copyrighting is sometimes a long, hectic, official legal process. However, it is to assure you that under international law, copyright is the automatic right of the creator of the work. Anything you create is subjected to copyright and protected with full-proof security. Let’s cast a glance at some simple steps of how to copyright a book.

First step: The first step towards how to copyright is to make sure that the book you write is an original one and a literary work. The literary works may be published or unpublished that may include textual representations with or without illustrations.

Second step: You can send email or send letters requesting the correct copyright form to the library of congress. Get that particular form printed with the help of printer. You need to read the instructions and fill that form exactly the way it has been mentioned.

Third step: Make sure you sign the check and forms. Make payment to ‘Register of Copyrights’ for the exact material. Send the book with completed forms and payments to copyright office, library of congress, Washington D.C and some other places. Recheck the form prior to mailing to ensure whether you have fulfilled all the conditions accordingly or not.

Fourth step: You will discover that your registration, becoming effective on the day when the copyright office receives your payment, application, and final copy in an acceptable form. If they find your submission according to order, you will be able to receive the certificate of registration within a few months.

Final step: The last step towards how to copyright is completing everything and keeping a copy of the forms for safekeeping in case the original gets lost some way or the other.

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