How to disappear from society and never be found

Sometimes people need to hide. It could be from the IRS, bill collectors, or an angry friend.
Here are some precautions you can take if your life fits any of these scenarios.

1. If you move, tell only the people whom you trust where you are going, and keep a low profile.
2. Avoid filing a change of address form with the post office, and instead contact each person
who needs your new address personally.
3. Be sure to get an unlisted phone number. Tell your old telephone company not to refer callers.
They may automatically put a recording on your old phone number stating your new number.
4. Do not register or re-register to vote.
5. Avoid filing a change of address form with your state motor vehicle department, for as long
as you possibly can. In some states, you may not be required to provide a current address until you renew your
license or registration.
6. Change bank accounts. Open accounts in banks across town rather than a block away from where
you live.
7. Try to pay everything with cash, a money order, or a cashiers check.
8. Do not subscribe to magazines, newspapers, or any publications. Most publications sell their
subscription lists.
9. Avoid entering free contests. The main purpose of these contests is to build a mailing list.
You’d be surprised who your name is sold to.



10. Do not apply for new credit.

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