Average Tattoo Prices

Average Tattoo Prices

Tattoo prices can vary widely from market to market or shop to shop. The average price for a tattoo is $40 or $50 for a small piece and $100 per hour for a large tattoo (like a sleeve). Regardless of the price, make sure the tattoo artist that you choose is a real artist, with a following and a good reputation.

One important thing to consider when trying to assess average tattoo prices is that there are no bargains. Getting a tattoo must be done under the most sterile and controlled environment possible so be willing to pay for the sanitation as well as the artistry. Your life could depend on it.

Chances are you’ve got an image in mind if you�re concerned about average tattoo prices. The cost of the tattoo will be based on the design you choose. The cost will include both size and color.

Small tattoos are sometimes priced by the piece, especially if they feature only one or two colors. Larger tattoos may take several trips to the tattoo parlor to complete so expect to pay by the hour for these.

Average tattoo prices are going to be the lowest where the demand for them is lowest. Tattoo artists will price their talents according to the needs of the market and lower prices will entice more people to get one.

In areas where there is high demand for tattoos, look for average tattoo prices to be higher. Tattoo artists in cities, where the cost of living and of operating a parlor are higher, must charge enough to stay in business. And the most reputable of them will charge higher prices still.

Do consider the tattoo artist’s reputation when comparing average tattoo prices. Your tattoo is art that will be worn on your body every minute for the rest of your life. You’ll want the very best you can afford so be willing to spend more than the average price if that’s what you must do to get the very best.

Budgeting a tip to the tattoo artist is important, too, when considering average tattoo prices. It’s especially important if you plan to get a tattoo that will take several visits to complete or if you think you’ll be coming back for more of them in the future. Making the artist feel respected and appreciated from the very beginning of your professional relationship will make continuing the relationship more pleasant.

Once you’ve determined average tattoo prices in your area, don’t use the information as a means of haggling over the price of your tattoo. This, unlike tipping, will only sour the relationship from the get go. You are dealing with an artist who takes his or her work very seriously. Don’t insult the tattoo artist by trying to talk their services down to bargain basement prices. They’ve priced their services according to their workload and customer demand and probably don’t care at all about what average tattoo prices are.

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