Average Pharmacist Salary

Average Pharmacist Salary

A recent news article told the story of PillPick, a two-armed $1.5 million robot that fills prescriptions at the rate of 600 doses an hour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at Loyola University Hospital. The 13′ x 28′ mechanical pharmacist never takes a break, doesn’t worry about weekends, won’t ask for a raise, and doesn’t even know it isn’t on the payroll.

Most pharmacists aren’t like that, though.

Most pharmacists spend a great deal of time in school, learning everything there is to know about chemistry, math, biology, and other subjects that many of the rest of us find rather intimidating. And many of them have to pass the licensing requirements of the states in which they practice their profession. These pharmacists do want a break sometimes and they do worry about weekends and raises. And they do expect a paycheck.

For all this work, what is an average pharmacist salary? That depends on where the pharmacist works.

According to Indeed.com, the average pharmacist salary for a clinical pharmacist is $122,000 while the average pharmacist salary for those dispensing medicine in retail stores is $115,000.

When working in pharmacies and drug stores in 2011, the average pharmacist salary was $121,000. Those working as outpatient
pharmacists saw an average pharmacist salary of $99,000.

When someone asks you what the average pharmacist’s salary is, tell them that, according to Indeed.com, in 2011, the average pharm

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