Average Hair Transplant Cost

Average Hair Transplant Cost

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Ouch! The average hair transplant cost in the United States tops $5,000. That’s one very painful plug at a time, repeated many, many times but it’s a very popular procedure in this country. Don’t let a little pain keep you ducking for the cover of a hat or cap.

Everybody has different hair, different bald spots, and a different response to the procedure so it’s a good idea to think of the average hair transplant cost at $5,033 but know that each graft costs between $3 and $10 and that each head of lost hair will require a unique number of grafts.

The skill and pricing structure of the surgeon who does the grafts will be important in assessing average hair transplant cost but this is a medical procedure. You’ll want the very best your money can buy. Don’t look for bargains.

Knowing the average hair transplant cost is more than $5,000, it may help to understand what is involved. Sometimes knowing the details helps justify the cost of this and similar procedures.

Men usually lose hair on the tops of their heads but not in the lower back and the sides. This is male pattern baldness and it’s determined by genetics. The hair from the back and sides of the head can grow with profusion on the currently bald top of the head if the appropriate stage is set.

The surgeon will remove hair from the donor site (the back and/or sides of the head), taking the follicular unit with the hair shaft. The follicular unit includes hair, roots, nerves, blood vessels, and glands. The individual hairs are separated and then inserted into the bald patches on the scalp.

Whether or not the grafted transplants take root and thrive is based on several factors and the average hair transplant cost may be altered to include any additional work that needs to be done at a later date. It is important to follow doctor’s orders to the letter to ensure the most lush new hair growth and to minimize any complications that might hinder success.

In some cases, grafted hair may be lost just as the original hair was. In this case, additional expense may be incurred if the procedure is to be repeated. This cost won’t be included in the original average hair transplant cost.

If you are considering a hair transplant, make sure to employ only an experienced surgeon who has received certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery or the American Board of Dermatology.


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