Average Cost of Braces

Average Cost of Braces

A rose is a rose is a rose but braces no longer fit into one tidy category like the lovely rose does. Today’s dental options go from the purely therapeutic to the decorative. And, of course, costs vary accordingly.

Expect on average, the cost of braces to be somewhere in the $3,000 – $7,000 range, with variances up or down according to the severity of the bite problems. Individual dentist’s fees will affect the average cost, too, but you’ll want a reputable dentist so be willing to invest whatever is necessary to get the perfect smile.

Working with only the average cost of braces in mind may come with sticker shock. There are options these days that make the old metal things that look like railroad tracks almost obsolete. The cost of the options varies according to choice.

Expect to add somewhere near $500 if you don’t want to see metal at all in the mirror. You can get ceramic brackets that come in colors that match the teeth for the most invisible look to your orthodontics.

Another way to conceal your braces is to opt for the lingual, or concealed, type that fits behind the teeth instead of in front. These can add anywhere from $2,000 to as much as $5,000 to the average cost of braces.

Another option is to try the clear plastic trays instead of traditional metal braces that are physically attached to the teeth. Marketed by Invisalign, the average cost of braces of this type is about $5,000 on a nationwide basis but they start at only about $3,500.

If fashion is important to you, you can have all kinds of fashionable fun with braces today but these personalized touches all add a bit to the average cost of braces and, again, the prices vary according to the choices made.

Consider bright colors such as pink or purple for your dental brackets or green to match your eyes. Gold-plated brackets add a little bling to your smile and black brackets add air of sophistication, Goth, or artistic flair to your smile, depending upon the rest of your personal attire. Have your dental brackets embellished with hearts, flowers, even footballs, if you choose. Expect your dental fashion accessories to run anywhere from $5 to $300 in addition to the average cost of braces.

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