Prevent Carjacking

Tips on How to Prevent Carjacking

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, an average of 35,000 completed
and attempted carjackings took place each year in the United States between 1987 and 1992.

Offenders used a weapon in 77% of all attempted and completed carjackings. Victims were injured in 24% of the completed
carjackings and 18% of attempted carjackings. Four percent of all victims of attempted or completed carjackings
suffered a serious injury. Follow this advice to prevent becoming a victim of carjacking.


1. Carjackings were more likely to occur in the evening or at night. About two-thirds of all carjackings occurred
after dark.

2. Twenty-nine percent took place in a parking lot or garage, and 45% occurred in an open area, such as on the
street. Eighteen percent occurred at or near the victim’s home.

3. About half (54%) of all completed or attempted carjackings were committed by groups of two or more offenders.
Forty-one percent were committed by lone offenders.

4. Keep your windows rolled up and lock the car even if you are parked in own driveway.
5. Always park your car in a well lit area.

6. Have the key in your hand when coming back to the car. You will be able to enter quickly.

7. Shopping centers are well known for carjacking. Be especially careful when shopping alone.


8. Mace is often very effective in warding off perpetrators.

9. Keep all valuables and shopping bags in the trunk when going in and out of stores.

10. Walk as fast as possible when going to and from the car. Thieves are always looking for slow walkers because
they feel that they are not alert or concerned with their immediate surroundings.

11. Make sure your car is in good condition and well maintained at all times to prevent breakdowns.
12. When stopped at a red light, stay at least 1 ½ car lengths behind the car in front of you. This way
you can make a quick escape when necessary.

13. If a stranger comes close to the car and wants to ask a question, do not roll down the windows, no matter what!

14. Keep a pocket alarm or whistle with you at all times.

15. Most importantly, keep your eyes open and always look behind where you are walking. In most cases, the carjacker
will know they have been spotted and will walk away. If they do not walk away, proceed to an area with many people.

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