Buy A Car

Step by Step Car Buying Guide

Learn how you can get a great deal on a government and seized car auto auction!

Let’s face it, cars are expensive, they need constant attention, they depreciate
in value, and the process of buying one can be a traumatic experience. But hold on, now the whole ordeal can be
a little less painful by using this handy little guide.

1. Decide on the type of car you need. Take into consideration the price, reliability, style,
gas mileage, etc. The Net is loaded with information to help you compare these factors. Check out the resources
at the bottom of this page.

2. Find out how much the dealer pays for the car. This is necessary to get a good deal and easy
information to find thanks to the internet. Check the links below for dealer costs.

3. Shop at several dealers. Let them know that you will be shopping for the best price and you’ll
be back if their price is the lowest.

4. Avoid putting down a deposit or buying immediately. A good salesman will not want you to leave
without a car, so don’t give in to the pressure.

5. Never mention a trade-in you may have until after the price of the new car has been negotiated.
This also goes for rebates or discounts. First decide on the best price, then start subtracting trade-ins, rebates,
discounts, etc.

6. Refuse an extended warranty. You shouldn’t be buying a car that is unreliable in the first

7. Paying cash is usually the most cost effective way to go, but financing a car is a whole new topic.

8. Here are some extra considerations when checking out a classic car

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