Tips for Stress Free Business Travel

According to statistics, many business travelers have problems with nervousness
on returning home from a trip. Here’s how to travel trouble free without all the headaches.

Before you leave

1. Make sure your house plants are taken care. Buying low maintenance plants is helpful.

2. Empty the garbage.

3. Keep fruits and veggies in the fridge, including potatoes. Put your cereal and crackers in there also.

4. Clean dirty dishes.

5. Wash all clothes, dry them and put them away.

What to take with you

1. Make sure you have your passport, plane tickets, drivers license, and any prescriptions.

2. It’s a good idea to take snacks with you in case you get hungry during the trip; such as dried fruit, peanuts,
powdered milk, sweetener and packages of tea or coffee.

3. Always take along a small travel bag with items that you’ll need for everyday use such as toothpaste, cosmetics,
shampoos, toiletries, alarm clock, a mini-flashlight and pharmaceuticals.

4. Clothes. Only take what you’ll be using for a particular day. Do not over pack. Make sure your clothes are color
coordinated and wrinkle free.

5. Take a small travel iron just in case.

Hotel Arrival

1. Hang all clothes.

2. Open windows to get the stuffiness out.

3. Pull down the covers to make sure the sheets are clean and tidy.

4. If you have jewelry (which should be limited on a business trip) put them in the closet or at the hotel desk.

5. When you retire for the night, lock doors with all the locks that are available. If the locks don’t look secure
enough, call the desk and ask them to fix it right away.

Leaving the Hotel

1. Move all packages to the door.

2. Do a search on the items that you brought. Check the bathrooms, the closets, the vanity, shower stalls, and
look under the bed in case you dropped something.

Back Home

1. After you have put everything away, call your friends and relatives to tell them you are safe and sound.

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