Tips for Getting the Most Out of Using Travel Agents

Travel agents can save you planning and travel time, often find the best bargains and lowest
rates, and best of all, they have first hand knowledge of your destination. Here are tips to help you get the most
from an agent.


1. Look for an agent with knowledge of your destination. Travel agents frequently specialize in different areas,
such as cruises, European trips or exotic adventures.

2. Find someone who is familiar with the area you want to go.

3. Determine if the agent charges you extra fees. Services such as writing a letter to request
an overseas hotel room, altering reservations and canceling tickets are generally not free.

4. Do not take your checkbook along for the first meeting with the agent. The first meeting should
be a get acquainted session. Don’t immediately decide on the destination the agent suggests, sleep on it.

5. Do not let an agent push you toward a particular tour package or cruise if it’s not exactly
what you want. Often times tour operators, airlines, and cruise ship companies stage promotions for travel agents.
If an agent sells a certain number of trips, they get kick-backs such as free vacations.

6. Remember, travel agents are salespeople out to make a few dollars. Their knowledge is valuable,
but only you have your own interests in mind.

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