How to Protect Your Money When Traveling

One of the best ways to have a miserable trip is to have your money and valuables lost or
stolen. Follow these tips to prevent some serious problems.

1. Never carry much cash. Bring internationally accepted travelers checks instead. Make two lists
of the check numbers, leave one copy of the list with a friend and pack the other copy in the suitcase.

2. Purchase a combination of $50 and $100 travelers checks if your trip is overseas. If you pick
smaller amounts, you may wind up spending a lot of time trying to locate places to convert them into currency,
paying a premium each time.

3. Carry one credit card that is accepted in the area of your travels. Be sure the card can be
used for a line of credit should you run out of funds.

4. Carry anything of value in money belts. Those that you wear around the waist are the most

5. Check your insurance policy before you leave. See how much personal property protection you
have for your clothes, baggage, and camera equipment.

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