How to Pack a Suitcase or Bag Efficiently

Most of us dread packing. Trying to figure out what to take and how much is not always easy.
Besides, there is always so much on your mind when going on a trip.

1. Bring a carry-on. Use a carry-on similar to the ones the flight crews use. A carry-on is sufficient
on most short trips. You do not have worry about losing a bag and don’t have to wait around for the luggage to
be unloaded.

2. Address labels or business cards are handy to place on luggage in case they get lost. Include
email address on cards and labels.

3. Baggies, two sizes. Great for laundry that hasn’t dried, damp face cloth, etc.

4. Belts, accessories (jewelry).

5. Flight Bag. This is a small, lightweight carry-on that can be folded flat and takes practically
no room when it is placed on the bottom of your bag. Tour groups often give them to their clients.

6. Alarm clock.

7. Clothing. Put half in carry-on and half in your partner’s bag if traveling with someone. If
one of your bags is lost, you still have half your clothes.

8. Cosmetics

9. Ear Plugs are great for flying in small commuter planes, which are very noisy.

10. Electric plug adapters. Different parts of the world use different plugs, so carry adapters
if you have any electric appliances with you.

11. Flashlight. Carry a small flashlight when going to countries that might have erratic power
or on safari. Also comes in handy during the night if you have to get up and don’t want to disturb traveling companions.

12. Feminine Protection. Sometimes difficult to explain to someone in sign language exactly what
you want. Also, these items may be different from what you are used to.

13. Gloves, if necessary, cotton or heavy depending on destination.

14. Hair dryer, with dual-voltage capability, unless you have an adapter. Take only if there’s
doubt that one is available in the hotel.

15. Insect repellent when going to an area that will be buggy.

16. Needle, thread, safety pins, rubber bands, other related items.

17. Night clothes, plus robe and slippers, if necessary.

18. Shower items such as cap, shower sandals (flip-flops).

19. Shoes. Take an extra pair for walking.

20. Carry a small hotel-size soap bar to some areas of the world where the soap may be quite

21. Sweater or light jacket. Comes in handy where air-conditioners are turned very low.

22. Tights. A simple solution for very cold areas. They take very little room but provide much

23. Toilet tissue. Some countries use tissue with the texture of newspaper. Remove center core
and press flat. Take very soft tissue and use in place of Kleenex.

24. Tooth brush cap. A cap for over the brush takes much less room than conventional tooth brush

25. Travel data. Don’t forget maps, travel books.

26. Underwear.

27. Vitamins.

28. Wet Ones, or something similar for cleaning hands.

29. Medication.

30. Small mirror.

31. Money.

32. Passport.

33. Pen.

34. Scissors/knife (collapsible).

35. Tickets, Travelers Checks, Vouchers.

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