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Lower Your Grocery Bill – Quick Tips to Fix Your Grocery Buying Habits

The average household with 2.5 children and 3/4 of a dog can spend up to 10% of their total
expenses on groceries. Fortunately, if you are a smart shopper, the supermarket is a great place to save.

1. Go to the market only once a week. Shoppers who run to the store frequently buy more impulse items.

2. Try to shop only when you feel rested and alert. You’ll be better equipped to calculate bargains
and watch for errors at the checkout counter.

3. Bring a pocket calculator. Use it to keep a running total of what your spending. That way
you will not get a nasty surprise at checkout time.

4. Shop at one place. Unless the bargains elsewhere are great, stick to one store. Running around
all over town costs dollars and minutes.

5. Shop midweek. That is when the sale items are likely to be in stock. You will also zip through
the store with the greatest of ease. Try shopping early, late, or at mealtimes.

6. Look for specials, but be careful. Search high and low for bargains, literally. Most times,
best buys are placed inconveniently on high or low shelves. Eye level space is reserved for premium-priced goods.

7. Compare UNIT price, not price. The unit price is the price divided by weight or volume. For
example, two items cost the same, say $3.99, but one is a 12 ounce package and the other is a 16 ounce package.
The unit price will be lower on the 16 ounce item (25¢ per oz), as compared to the 12 ounce item (33¢
per oz).

8. Be willing to try house and generic brands and sizes. It may be worth the difference in price
if the item tastes exactly the same or very close to it.

9. Pick up quantities of staples when the price is low. But do not go hog wild. For quantity
buying, you need storage space and you must be able to use the items within a reasonable time. Get the large economy
size when the unit price indicates that it is really economical.

10. Coupons, Coupons, Coupons. Or a preferred customer card. You can easily save 10% or more
by using your coupons or customer card.

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