Romance Your Wife

Tips on How to Romance your Wife

Is your honey telling you that you are not romantic anymore? If so, maybe you have to brush
up on your technique. Here are a few pointers that can help you make your wife feel better about herself and you.

1. Send her flowers at work, when it is not a holiday or a special occasion. When she asks why,
just say, “Just because I love you.”

2. Plan a romantic dinner for two at home. If you can’t cook, buy the meal at a local deli or
grocery store and warm it up in the oven. Check out this easy to cook recipe that will enhance your evening.

3. Make sure to add candlelight and her favorite music.

4. If she likes to get out of the house, make reservations at a romantic restaurant either in
the town that you live, or in a romantic spot an hour or two away. If you’re not sure which restaurants are romantic,
ask other women you know.

5. Call your wife and tell her to get dressed up and that you’re taking her out someplace special.

6. If you have children who are too young to be left alone, YOU arrange for a baby sitter.

7. Remind her why you married her.

8. Buy a romantic card and send it to her at work, marked, “confidential.”

9. Make a tape of a song that means something special to the two of you. Then wrap it up like
a present and give it to her.

10. Buy your wife a special scented lotion.

11. When your wife has had a very difficult day, give her a nice foot rub using the lotion.

12. Make plans for a mystery trip. How about to a nice Bed and Breakfast or romantic Inn outside
of town in a romantic setting.

13. Do not tell her where you are going, let it be a surprise.

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