How To Say I Love You

Learn How To Say I Love You To a Friend or Coworker

Things can turn more positive if you know the right approach on how to say I love you. Uttering the three words is simple, but meaning it from your heart and then saying them, needs lots of courage. If you say ‘I love you’ without meaning it the least, then the words loses its value. So be confident when you utter the three most precious words.

Repeating ‘I love you’ more often, turns the meaning of the words stale. More so, it also indicates that your love for your partner is not so strong and so you are saying it very often to suppress your reluctance for the relationship. You should always keep in mind that your actions match the words ‘I love you’. The one good advice is that, once you start dating any person, do not rush to say ‘I love you’, since that can complicate the matter. Remember that if you are strongly feeling for your partner and have the confidence that you should go about the relationship, then it is right time to say the three words.

How to say I love you – Some useful tips

Prior to saying I love you, be sure whether your liking is true love, infatuation or lust. If it is the first, then you will know that your love is not proud, or haughty. It is kind and patient. It is hard to explain in words how to say I love you. The feeling comes naturally with the passage of time and you should look for the most intimate moment to say the three valued words, instead of murmuring it at every second.

Still, if you are not sure and you are eager to know the right process of how to say I love you, then start by making eye contact. That will consolidate your belief. If you love the person, then you will be able to gaze into her/his eyes. When you are making eye contact then that shows your sincerity and communicates trust. Your tone should also be appropriate and at the right volume. Smile is the loveliest emotion that can be expressed.

When thinking about how to say I love you, it is not necessary that you have to utter those three words. Adopt a romantic style to propose you lover, present her a beautiful red rose. Love is not always about saying, but it is also about showing how much you love your partner. You may send flowers or arrange for a candle-lit dinner. This will express your love for the partner and it will ultimately make you understand how to say I love you.

It is very much important to pay attention to things your partner is saying. A pleasant surprise will simply work wonders for your partner. However, at day’s end do not think of consequences, since that can turn the matter worse. Hence, learning how to say I love you is important so that you can build a mutual partnership.

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