Have The Gift of Gab

How to Mingle With Strangers Without Fear or Jitters

Do you feel like a wallflower at a party or a social function and your friends ask you if
the cat got your tongue? Well, here are a few tips that can help you out.

1. Know your audience. You would not speak the same to a group of children as you would to a
group of Nobel laureates.

2. Keep up with current events. You’ll have a variety of topics right at your fingertips.

3. Rehearse it. Have a toast, anecdote or funny story at the ready and practice by saying it
out loud. Try taping it and listening to how you sound.

4. Avoid taboo subjects, such as religion, politics, or business related rumors.

5. Have a positive attitude. People are more inclined to sit with someone who’s smiling, and
not crying in their beer.

6. Let your ears work harder than your mouth. You can be a great talker by just listening and
saying nothing at all.

7. Ask the right questions to show your interest and letting other people respond. Then, build
on that by asking another question or adding a comment of your own.

8. Finally, don’t drink too much. Nobody likes a drunk. And most people don’t like a person that
will talk too loud where no one can carry on a decent conversation.

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