Get A Guy

Learn How You Can Get a Guy

If you are a woman who desperately wants to know how to get a guy, then first of all you have to understand what guys in general look for in girls and try to present yourself as they would like you to be. This is the secret that you need to know to grab the attention of the guy you are wooing for and get him attracted to you.

“How to get a guy?” This question will put to test many of your abilities like manipulating emotions, understanding the habits of the person and many other factors. Try to have patience and go slow in getting your dream guy. Looking back you will find that all the pains that you have taken to get the guy of your choice have proved to be fruitful.

The tips to get your dream guy

If you do not have a boyfriend and have always wracked your brain thinking how to get a guy, you must know that there may not be anything wrong with you but you may not be using the right approach to get your dream man.

Your first step will be to know the guy. Try to know the guy fully leaving no space for fantasies – make the guy feel that you have genuine intentions of getting familiar with him. This way he will be comfortable in your company.

Strike up a conversation with the boy and know all about him. Also let him know more about you – try to sound interesting when you are talking to the guy and try to have good sense of humor. Do not be shallow as this can be a turn-off for the guy and you may end up losing him. If you want to learn how to get a guy, then you must be interested in the interests of your dream man and respect his individuality.

Do not portray yourself as someone you are not. If you want to have the guy for yours forever, then let him see the real you in your common appearance, do not be heavily dressed with lots of makeup trying to look unlike your normal self. Get the guy speak out what he is seeking for in his ultimate woman, and see if you match his demands. Do not adapt yourself to go by his choice and forget who you really are – remember to be yourself and do not change yourself completely.

Try to observe the guy closely and try to read his thoughts – if he likes you and reciprocates your feelings you will get the hint – this is an important step in knowing how to get a guy. The bottom line is that you must always be nice to the guy of your choice. Then you will know how to get a guy easily.

However, the ultimate question is not just how to get a guy, rather it’s more important to consider how to get into a relationship and be the one in your guy’s heart after you both are involved in the relation.

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