Learn How to Flirt With the Opposite Sex

Even if one knows how to flirt, it may not be possible for one to carry on the art of flirting with élan. This is an art that only few can master. Flirting paves the way for meeting potential mates and knowing if a relationship with them will be working or not. If you want to enter into a romantic relationship with someone, then flirting can be the most interesting way to get the relationship started.

The main truth of how to flirt is learning to enjoy each other’s company. Do not take it on a serious note, as then it will be deprived of its entire fun quotient. When you are flirting be clear that you are not always having the intention of marrying someone or entering a love relationship with the person you are flirting, as this attitude will make you depressed. Before knowing how to flirt, remember that you are simply flirting for fun.

The key to flirting

If you are interested to know how to flirt then at first you need to look approachable; your gestures should reveal that you are a fun loving person and the other person should not be nervous before you.

The first step

Make eye contact with the person you want to flirt with, just look at the person for a moment and then look away. Look back at the person and if you find that the person is looking at you then you have good scope of flirting – go ahead and have fun.

Try to understand the body language of the person you wish to flirt with. If the person seems interested in you and if you think that he/she will like to flirt with you, only then approach the person. Studying the body language and looking for green signals is necessary if you want to know how to flirt.

After your eyes finish their task, try having a conversation with the one you want to flirt with. Start the conversation, if you find that the person is responding favorably then go ahead and continue the conversation. Make sure you are attentive to the person, laugh at his/her jokes, and show interest in whatever they have to say. Successful flirting comes with good listening. You can do with a little bit of touching; if both of you are getting along well, then you can go a bit more personal by touching the hand of the person or holding the arm of the person while crossing the street.

Flirting is friendly fun, and so how to flirt is not about anything that is harmful. If you get the negative vibes when someone is flirting with you, then know that the person does not know how to flirt.

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