How To Surf

Learn How to Surf in the Ocean

How to surf requires the skill to dodge the intimidating waves and glide through the brilliance of the blue magnificence. However, you need to have the basic talent to surf the long water columns and reach the shore with safety. At times, surfing can be very dangerous and therefore you should take the necessary precautions provided below.

How to surf – The necessary precautions

A surfboard or wet suit is inevitable for learning how to surf. If you are a novice, then start by using a foam board. Make sure that the board is sufficiently long that is at least 8 feet. A surf spot is the right place for the beginners. This ensures safety for the beginners. Prior to hitting the waves, make sure that you keep the board on the sand, lie on it, and move your hands as if the sand is the wave. When lying on the board, make sure that you are belly-downed on the board and that you have a couple of inches between the feet and the back of the board.

Then, change your posture into a kneeling and crouching position so that it helps you to learn easily how to surf the waves. Then change your posture by unbending your legs and standing up. However, above all these, do keep one thing in mind – not to move too much on the board. Now, when you practice these movements a couple of times in the water, then you are ready to venture out on your own and confront the challenges of the ocean.

How to surf is not that easy, as it may seem. Since, it demands lots of dexterity and courage to win the infuriating waves and have fun. Now when turning to right or left, you have to follow certain tactics. When turning to your right, paddle hard with your left hand and vice versa. You can also try sitting on the surfboard and for this, you need to slide yourself up from the lying position to the lower part of the board. When at this position make sure that your feet remains dangling in the water. Therefore, the main point of learning how to surf is to cross the line of the source of waves and the moment you see the waves, you should start paddling. When you feel that the waves are starting to break, go for it and find the time to get on the surfboard quickly.

You may falter at the first few attempts, but that does not mean that you will keep on repeating mistakes. The more you practice, the more skilled you become. It will take some time to practice and eventually learn the skills, but you will ultimately learn how to surf.

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