How To Sew

Learn How to Sew and Repair Old Clothes

The spectacular mix and match of thread colors and their application looks enticing, if done correctly, but to own a masterpiece on your cloth by your own hands you have to know how to sew. The origin of sewing dates back to the Paleolithic times, which is about 30,000 years ago. To add to your information, sewing actually predates the weaving of cloth. Although not much in practice in the early times, but the scenario has changed to a greater extent and now sewing is universally famous with the human population.

How to sew – The uses of sewing

The method of sewing is widely practiced to produce clothing and household furnishings. For instance, sewing is used in many purposes like for bellows, sails, banners, skin boats, bedclothes, curtains, table linens and upholstery.

Knowing how to sew

Only with years of toil and rigorous practice will help you to master the art of sewing. You may pursue the nuances of the technique at a very early age. If you prefer complex and technically precise sewing, then you will require a sewing machine. Otherwise, hands play an important role in evoking the magic of hand art. For sewing, you need only three basic things like needle, fabric and thread.

Your first step should be to thread the needle. Pass the thread through the eye of the needle and hold the two ends of the string parallel, and then tie a knot. Since there are two layers of thread, that will reinforce the stitch. Then the next method that you follow in how to sew is holding two parts of the fabric and then stitching them together. Now you start by pushing the needle through both the layers of the fabric, but make sure that you start with one particular fabric. Pull the thread until the knot catches one end of the fabric and gets tightened there. Again, push the needle through this end of the fabric on which you are working and go down. Continue with the stitches should be at a smaller pace. This will ensure that your stitches are strong and the fabric is well stitched.

This is alternating process from side to side that plays an integral part of learning how to sew. Once the thread reaches its end, cut off the excess thread and tie a knot there.

How to sew – Sewing with the aid of a machine

Prior to buying a sewing machine, it is important for you to know the functions of the machine. To use the machine, you will require thread, scissor, scrap fabric and much more. The operator’s manual is most important to know how to sew on a machine. First start by winding the bobbin and then set it on a bobbin winder. Then put the thread on the spindle and wrap the bobbin tension winder through the small hole in the bobbin. Your next step should be to release the motor gear and wind the bobbin until it is full.

The next step of how to sew is to thread the machine. Once your machine is all set, you should set the stitch length and width. You can experiment with the various stitches that come on the machine. A beginner, practice with straight stitches and curves. These are few of the basic steps of how to sew and you should be skilled at them to create fabulous stitch work.

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