How To Hypnotize

Learn How to Hypnotize Your Family and Friends

Knowledge on how to hypnotize enables you to delve into the depth of one’s mind. Hypnosis is a medicine with miraculous power for mental illnesses. It works like a magic mantra to bring one’s mind and body under your control. The alchemy of this technique lies in the prodigious power of words.

The principle of learning how to hypnotize is the distinction between the conscious world of the brain and the subconscious world of the mind. You can control the conscious being of others but not their subconscious state. You can make others do what they consciously never do by taking over their subconscious mind. Hypnosis is the only means to make others dance to your tune.

How to Learn How to Hypnotize

After you have mastered the art “how to hypnotize”, you can learn the use of magic number 17. Seventeen is a prodigious power that castes its spell on the immature minds of children. Advertisers largely play the trick on children. In this case, the brain experiences the reduction in the level of serotonin that forces you to do as others want. The depleted level of serotonin makes the person respond to your act of hypnotizing.

To learn how to hypnotize people requires you to practice a lot and takes time. After mastering the art, you can hypnotize others within hours. To hypnotize others requires you to learn the process of self-hypnosis at first.

Different Techniques of Induction

You should learn the process of induction to make people undergo the phase of hypnosis. The unconscious mind at the hypnotized state takes message from your instructions and sends it to the brain for processing. People opt to be hypnotized to bring about a change in their demeanor or make an improvement in their life.

The process of conducting an induction varies from one hypnotist to another. Different techniques suit different people. There are hundreds of induction approaches or scripts. You need a tough grip on the techniques of induction for learning how to hypnotize.

A hypnotherapist performs hypnotherapies through progressive relaxation that is a kind of induction. In this induction technique, people feel relaxed more and more to fall under the spell of hypnosis. The handshake induction technique is the most common of all processes of induction. Concentration on different body muscles or parts and meditation on an abstract thing are two most effective and efficient techniques of induction.

The art of hypnosis has come, a long way and witnessed different phases of development. You should keep yourself updated about the scientific development of this psychology-related art in order to sharpen your skills in hypnosis. You need a place with calm and quiet ambiance to perform the art of hypnosis on someone. You should talk to the person who is about to be hypnotized in a relaxed and reassuring way. Above all, you need to know how to read the mind before you learn how to hypnotize someone.

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