How To Levitate

How to Levitate

If you are confused over how to levitate, you must know that it is a skill that must be acquired. Levitation is the term applied to the process through which an object is suspended against gravity and is in a stable position without the support of any physical contact.

When you know how to levitate, you will be able to make the entire process look like magic, by lifting a human being in the absence of any physical aid. How to levitate requires the creation of an illusion by making use of lighting arrangements, clever mechanics, as well as other means. The key is to make your spectators believe that you are levitating; the people should be seeing it to believe it.

Learn how to levitate the right way

The optimum illusion has to be created and the spectators must be convinced visually and mentally that you are levitating in reality.

When you are all set to levitate, do not tell the spectators that you are going to levitate, but keep the levitation part a secret telling them that you are going to try out something new; this will keep the curiosity of the spectators intact and then they will be surprised when you perform the actual levitation.

Always have an object that you can step on, shoes that you can slip on and off as well as pants with slits at the bottom of the legs. Let your back side face the audience, and stand in a manner that allows the audience to have a view of your left foot and heel, and your right heel back. When you levitate, with the help of your right toe lift your body a few inches and then lift the left foot along the right heel. Keep the heels together and do not continue it for a long time.

Shoes that slip on and off your feet easily, when attached to your pants, it will give an impression that you are hanging. You need a lot of practice to fool the audience and master the illusion.

How to levitate basics

You need to control the view of the audience; on stage you can do that with ease. In angle-specific levitation skills, you have to be immensely careful with the way you position yourself with respect to the audience. Knowing how to levitate requires perfection; if you are not perfect, you will be caught.

You can act as if you are exerting a lot of pressure on your muscles when you are performing levitation; this holds the interest of the audience. You need to know this if you want to learn how to levitate. Your body language as well as the expression on your face should lead the audience to believe that the entire method of levitation has been a difficult task for you to achieve.

Learn how to levitate successfully and entertain as well as fool your audience – they will keep wanting more, but put a limit to that if you want to keep the trick a secret.

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