How to Make Jalapeno & Garlic Oil

This oil can be used to flavor just about anything. Simply add a few tablespoons to a dish
that can use a little spicing up. It can also be used to marinade meat to give it a little added zing. And don’t
worry, this flavored oil is not HOT, unless you want it to be. The jalapeños give the oil a hint of spiciness.
The garlic, on the other hand, is evident, but who doesn’t like garlic?


2 Jalapeño peppers.

2 Garlic bulbs.

1 Mason jar.

1 quart Canola oil.

1. Pierce two jalapeño peppers with a fork and place them in a clean mason jar.

2. Clean two garlic bulbs, slice them in half, and add them into the jar with the jalapeño

3. Fill the jar with canola oil and cover.

4. Refrigerate for two weeks before using. This will allow the garlic and jalapeño peppers
to release their juices into the oil.

5. Be sure to keep the flavored oil in the refrigerator at all times to keep it fresh and free
from spoilage.

6. If HOT and spicy better suits you, simply add a few more jalapeño peppers to the oil.
Although the above recipe is used with peppers and garlic, any spice can be used with the same technique. Why not
create your own unique oil?

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