Italian Meatballs

A Tasty Recipe for Italian Meatballs

What can you say about a meatball recipe, other then these meatballs are excellent and should
be made BIG.


2 lbs. ground meat.

4 eggs.

4 slices white bread (soaked in water and then squeeze the majority of the water out of the bread) .

1 tsp. garlic salt.

1 hand full of Romano cheese.

4 strands parsley.

1 tbs. basil.

1 tsp. salt and pepper.

1.Combine all ingredients together and form the meat into balls.

2. Once the meat is formed, fry the meat in a large frying pan until cooked and browned.

3. If you are making Italian sauce with
meatballs, add them to your sauce about an hour before the sauce is done.

4. Serve them as a sandwich on bread or with a pasta dish.

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