How To Make Sushi

Learn How to Make Sushi with Rice, Wasabi and Gari

How to make Sushi is a million dollar question, since it is the most demanding dish round the globe. If you think that every time your taste buds urge for this very special and delicious dish, then you have to go to the restaurant – you are wrong. Making the dish is not so much of hassle as ‘Sushi’ might sound.

How to make Sushi – Understanding what Sushi is and its different types

Sushi is a Japanese food that is made of vinegared rice with a filling or topping added to it. However, most people recognize Sushi as raw fish, while they are ignorant of the fact that Sushi can be fully vegetarian excluding fishes. You will find different Sushi names quite interesting and tempting. These include Nigri-Sushi, Maki-Sushi and Temaki-Sushi. These are some of the most famous Sushi’s found at any popular restaurant at any part of the world.

Learn the procedures of how to make Sushi

Prior to preparing Sushi, you need certain tools that are helpful in making the dish much easier. A wooden spatula that you need to work with the rice, a sharp-edged knife, a cutting board and a Sushi rolling mat to give the Sushi a particular shape.

The ingredients required for preparing Sushi include Sushi rice, rice vinegar, Gari, Wasabi, Soy Sauce, vegetables and most important thing of all is fish. Make sure that the rice is sticky and has the size between medium to small. The rice vinegar is used in cooking the rice. You must know that Wasabi is a very important seasoner used in Sushi that is made from horseradish and is green in color. Gari is pickled ginger that helps in calming the stomach, if you are having any disturbance. The Soy Sauce is also used as an additional flavor. So, follow the direction to know how to make Sushi.

Some simple steps how to make Sushi

First and foremost you must determine what kind of Sushi you want to make. The simplest Sushi of all is the Nigiri Sushi. In this dish, tuna or mackerel are commonly used. It is made by pressing toppings into a clump of Sushi rice. Maki Sushi is another famous type of Sushi. This is a type of rolled sushi, which includes futomaki, sushi cones, inside out rolls or fat rolls. Inari is another most common type of Sushi that is made by stuffing fried bean curd skin with sushi rice.

Preparing the rice is the crucial part. Add one tablespoon of rice vinegar, one tea spoon of sugar and most important a pinch of salt to the food. All these ingredients are required for one and half cup of cooked rice. When learning how to make Sushi, preparing standard Sushi roll is most important. Take your nori and after cutting it into half, place one half on the top and the center of the Sushi rolling mat. Then, keep the vinegard rice on the top of the nori, but make sure that it is cool enough. You may also add tuna to the ingredient inside of the roll, but do not stuff it so much that it will become hard to roll the nori. After rolling the inner ingredients uniformly and neatly cut it into small pieces. In case, you find it hard to roll the Sushi, then refrigerate it. Hence, the above tips will help you learn how to make Sushi.

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