How To Make Chocolate

How to Make Chocolate

You are eager to know how to make chocolate, but do know that it takes several hours and even days to turn the bitter cocoa beans into delicious chocolate bars. You need the enthusiasm and labor to turn your kitchen into a miniature factory. It requires certain techniques and precise detailing to make chocolate.

The technique of learning how to make chocolate

  • First start by roasting the cocoa beans. Maintain the temperature between 123 and 160 degrees. But there is a certain roasting process and that you should start by roasting the beans at a very high temperature and then gradually slower the temperature to the minimum, until the beans start to crack. You can accomplish this task in an oven or in a store-bought roaster. Nonetheless, always remember that the roasting time will always depend upon the type of beans you are using.
  • Soon after roasting the beans, crack them and also winnow them. Make sure that the husk is removed. The process of winnowing and husking can be done either with a hammer or a coarse-type mill. This is the initial stage of how to make chocolate.
  • The next stage of how to make chocolate should be to grind the nibs into liqueur. For this task, make sure that you use a very strong equipment grind and separate the remaining husk. The “Champion juicers” are very useful, and so you can feed a handful of them in the juicer, but ensure that the motor does not overheat. After you are done, the cocoa liqueur will come out of the screen and the mixture of liqueur and husk will come out of the sprout. Again, repeat the process of feeding this mixture through the juicer until the husk comes out through the sprout.
  • Then the next step of how to make chocolate should be to conch and refine the chocolate, since this will make the chocolate appear more liquidized. Remember that more you conch, the more it will affect the smell, taste and texture of the chocolate. You should always keep this in mind that refining reduces the size of cocoa solids and also the sugar crystals.
  • Temper the chocolate as this will ensure that the chocolate will be shiny and will have a ‘snap’ to it. What is most interesting about tempering is that you can do it as many times you want, but the chocolate will not be ruined. But be alert about one thing and that is not to allow moisture enter the chocolate, since that can ruin the texture of the chocolate.
  • Your next step towards how to make chocolate is to try and maintain the temperature at 90 degrees. If you can maintain the temperature then you can mold the chocolate the way you want. After you have all the chocolate to the mold, you can either freeze it or refrigerate it. The choice is completely up to you. Then, you harden it at the room temperature.
  • You last step of how to make chocolate should be to remove the mold when the chocolate is hardened.
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