Boil An Egg

How to Hard Boil an Egg

You may be in soup, if there is no one to boil an egg for you and you do not know how to boil an egg. Every morning grows into a day through breakfast. It is healthy to have a boiled egg in breakfast. To boil an egg is not as simple as you think. The boiling process is neither simple nor complicated. You need ingredients like eggs and water, and equipment like small saucepan and kitchen timer along with a little knowledge how to boil an egg.

First Step of How to Boil an Egg

Nowadays eggs are available in a variety. You have quail eggs and duck eggs apart from chicken eggs. Always select one or two days’ old eggs, as they are easy to boil. It is also easy to peel their shell off.

Second Step How to Boil an Egg

If eggs are in the refrigerator, take them out and keep them outside for sometime before you boil them. Keep the eggs in a saucepan and then, take some cold water to fill the saucepan so much that the eggs are submerged. Now put the saucepan on the fire and keep the flame high until it hits up the water to boil. Then, reduce the flame and let the water boil.

You can have soft boiled or hard boiled eggs as you wish. Soft boiled eggs have the yolk and white substance runny and creamy while the yolk and white portion are well set in hard-boiled eggs. Let the eggs boil in the saucepan for exactly six minutes, if you like soft boiled eggs. It takes exactly eight minutes to have hard boiled eggs. You need a kitchen timer or wristwatch to observe the pace of time.

Third Step of How to Boil an Egg

Remove the saucepan from the fire and place it beneath a tap in the kitchen sink after making sure that the eggs have been boiled. Open the tap and let the cold-water flow into the pan. Let the eggs cool down for two minutes so that you can easily handle them.

Fourth Step How to Boil an Egg

Take a teaspoon to crack the top of the eggs open in case of soft boiled eggs. Collect the creamy content of the eggs in a cup and then, enjoy it. It is a delicate task to peel the shell of hard-boiled eggs. Strike on the outer surface of the eggs with a spoon to crack the shell overall. Then, peel the shell from the wide end to the narrow end. Immerse the peeled off eggs in water to remove small shell pieces that remain stubbornly stuck to them. Now, serve the eggs to yourself or others and relish them.

There is nothing so tough about boiling eggs except peeling the shell of hard boiled eggs. After getting to know how to boil an egg, you can prepare your own breakfast. Everyday you can start your breakfast with a boiled egg. Moreover, you can teach others how to boil an egg.

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