Music Review: Rod Stewart – When We Were The New Boy

The death of Rock ‘N Roll? Not a chance! Granted, the output of quality Rock ‘N Roll artists
has dwindled in the ’90’s, but there are still many out there whom help fill the void. Rod Stewart’s enduring 30+
year career has given us many outstanding moments and his latest, “When We Were The New Boys” digs back
to his earlier sounding efforts.

With the exception of the spirited title cut, all of the songs are interpretations of other compositions,
standard Rod fare. Cranking out vintage Rock N Roll like Oasis “Cigarettes and Alcohol,” the energetic
“Weak” and “Rocks” (hey, a song about my rating system!), Rod reminds us of his classic signature
vocals and style which have been around longer than most of us.

Another highlight is the reworking of his own Faces’ pop ditty “Ooh La La,” a cheesy
tune, nonetheless after a few spins, you too will be singing that line in the chorus, “I wish that I knew
what I know now, when I was younger” (can’t get much more truthful than that).

All in all, “When We Were The New Boys” is a departure from Rod’s ballad-driven discs
of the ’90’s and a very big welcome back to his ’70’s heyday. Thanks Rod for keeping Rock ‘N Roll alive and well!

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Rod Stewart - When We Were The New Boys

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