Music Review: Live – Secret Samadhi

I ask, “Where did all the millions of people who purchased a copy of ‘Throwing Copper,’
Live’s 1994 highly successful set, go?” I truly do not know the answer, but they are missing out on one of
the ’90’s best rock albums, 1997’s “Secret Samadhi.”

This 4-man band from Pennsylvania (the same state I was born) continually shows us that pure,
raw rock is still around. For those of you who are new to “Live,” lead singer Ed Kowalczyk plays the
guitar and writes the lyrics, Chad Taylor and Patrick Dahlheimer also provide excellent guitar work and Chad Gracey
does the drumming.

On this effort, the lyrics are filled with stories of our human fears and vulnerabilities, while
Ed Kowalczyk evolves his under appreciated vocal range (and occasional rage). The four radio airplay songs, “Lakini’s
Juice,” “Turn My Head,” “Freaks,” and “Rattlesnake” are all high quality tunes,
however, the two which really stand out are the intelligent, “Graze” and the chilling, “Ghost.”

The only knock I can see here is the lyrics tend to have some unnecessary rhyming, but nonetheless, the rhymes
fit. Again, I must say to the pundits who claim Rock ‘N Roll is dead, they haven’t listened to “Secret Samadhi.”
Add it to your collection. 4 ROCKS.

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Live - Secret Samadhi

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