Music Review: Kid Rock – Devil Without a Cause

If you haven’t noticed yet, (which means you haven’t been turning on the radio or flipping on your
MTV for a few months) there is an explosion at modern rock stations across the country with a new popular sound.
It’s best described as a testosterone driven hybrid of rap, rock, and funk. Kid Rock, from the Detroit area, has
helped bring the charge to the forefront.

In tow with his Twisted Brown Trucker Band (say that 10 times fast), Kid Rock’s sound has influences
ranging from classic funk bands of the ’70’s & ’80’s, both early as well as current rap icons and Faith No
More rolled into one interesting package.

Leading off the disc is the ultra catchy, anthemic “Bawitdaba” (pronounced “Baw-Wit-Da-Baw”)
which is currently saturating the airwaves. Other highlights include the self parody of “I Got One For Ya”
and a foray into new territory, a twist on western rap with “Cowboy.” On the rock ballad “Only God
Knows Why,” Kid Rock shows us he is not one dimensional. Granted, this mosh pit collection is loaded with
expletives, sexual & drug abuse references aimed at the younger generation, thus earning it the dreaded Parental
Advisory Label. However, even this aging music pundit can find “Devil Without A Cause” amusingly worthwhile
and unique with creative merit. 3 Rocks.



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Kid Rock - Devil Without a Cause

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