Music Review: INXS – Welcome to Wherever You Are

Well, from time to time, I will take you back (and more often in the future) to classic albums
of the past and I’ll begin with “Welcome To Wherever You Are” by INXS from 1992.

It’s been well over a year now since lead singer Michael Hutchence’s unfortunate, mysterious
death and this effort epitomizes why he became a respected, venerable vocalist for over a decade and a half. From
the opening track, the strange, Middle Eastern tinged, “Questions” to the last, the eerie, desperate
classic, “Men and Women,” virtually every song on this disc could’ve (and should’ve) been a hit.

The aching “Not Enough Time” and the ballad “Beautiful Girl” are the most
recognizable tunes on this masterpiece, but it’s fully loaded with clever instrumentation which includes the Australian
Concert Orchestra, tremendous percussion and incredible background vocals.

How this outstanding CD was missed by both radio and the public still to this day dumbfounds
me. Do yourself a favor, give this one a try and see why Michael Hutchence and INXS’ legend will go on for many
years to come. 5 Rocks.

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INXS - Welcome to Wherever You Are

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