Music Review: Blondie – No Exit

Bringing the early ’80’s into the late ’90’s is a brutal task indeed, but Deborah
Harry and Blondie have never been afraid to give anything a try. The band who once brought disco, rap and salsa
to their pop sound practically invents new categories of music with each new hit. Blondie has always been known
to infuse current trends into their tunes without losing their distinct sound. Thus is the case with their first
release since 1982, “No Exit” (which hit stores in February ’99).

Recognizable is the rather tame, radio friendly “Maria,” but it’s the remainder of
the disc which really stands out. “Boom Boom In The Zoom Zoom Room” has a smoky, lounge feel, “Out
In The Streets” is bass heavy with an orchestral background and “The Dream’s Lost On Me” is Blondie’s
take on country music. Other notable tracks include the merger of the rap and rock sound on the title cut, the
excellent African rhythms of the final track, “Dig Up The Conjo” and “Nothing Is Real But The Girl”

brings us back to Blondie’s earlier days.

“No Exit” is a very crisp, eclectic set which has that rare formula of keeping your
attention throughout the 14-song collection. Radio programmers should feel remiss for not fitting the Blondie sound
into the 1999 landscape. Nonetheless, this CD is extremely attractive to the consumer of quality music. 4 ROCKS.

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Blondie - No Exit

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