Private Investment – Tips for Women

May 9, 1999. I claim that within the next ten years there will be as many women as men in the private
investment arena.

Why? For one thing, women are choosing careers in the technology sector, which is where most
jobs over the next decade will come from. One of the most important factors is that there are more women than men
currently enrolled in college. The U.S. Department of Labor states that there are 8.5 million women enrolled compared
to 6.5 million men.

Jobs of the future will require highly skilled, well educated laborers. Statistically speaking,
women will be better prepared to seize these opportunities. They will also be better prepared to invest, especially
knowing that this bull market will continue for the next twenty years (remember my prediction?). Plus, aren’t women
a little more conservative in their thinking anyway, thus making them the better investor?

You also must consider the aging population and the fact that women live longer than men. Who
do you think will hold all the money…Women. So ladies, it is time to start investing. The glass ceiling is breaking.


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