Black Monday – Learn About the Stock Market Crash of 1987


October 3, 1999. What are investors looking for in the month of October? The World Series, the beginning
of hockey and the strength of football season? Wrong on all three accounts.

They are anticipating another October stock market crash. It is almost like a certain ritual
that makes investors feel a little queasy about taking all their money out of their portfolio. Even though October
has not been especially kind to us, it is not the worse month of the year for the market. But people are still
cautious because in 1987, the Dow plunged 22% on that historic day and in 1997 the market dropped 6% on October

Is this a reason to be worried? Not according to statistics. In the last 20 years, the Dow has
risen 11 times and fallen 9 times. In most cases it has gained an average of 8% for the month. Now you can see
why it does not pay to “time” the market if you are a long time investor.

Guess what readers? September is the worst month! Yes, September. It has fallen more times than
any other month in the last 20 years. In all reality, September should be a good month to start investing when
the market is looking for a sell off going into October. November, December and January are the three best months
for the Dow.

Like I said before, market timing is not the best theory. Nobody knows what the market will bring
due to the fact that it all depends on the Fed and higher interest rates, inflation and even excuses that traders
will follow on any specific day. So, hold still and keep a stiff upper lip and try to enjoy the last days of baseball
and the beginning of hockey and of course my favorite sport, football. And being October is here, get the kids
ready for Halloween.


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