How to Winterize your Home and Prepare for Winter

Here is a checklist of some chores to do before the winter sets in.

Warm Air Furnace:

1. Change or clean air filters.

2. Lubricate blower motor and draft-induced motor, if applicable.

3. Remove all combustible materials from areas near the furnace and flue pipes.

4. Check the flue or chimney for proper drafting. Clean them or hire someone to do it.

Hot Water Boiler:

1. Oil the circulator pump, circulator motor and draft induced motor.

2. Check flue and chimney for drafting. Remove combustible materials.

Steam Boiler:

1. Make sure water is at the proper level. If not, add water.

2. Remove combustible materials and check drafting.


1. Check attic and basement insulation.

2. Wrap basement pipes and hot water heaters.

3. Weather strip windows and doors if needed.

Other Indoor Jobs:

1. Remove draft or broken windows.

2. Inspect home humidifiers. Replace filters, check for fraying cords and replace water often.

3. Clean window treatments.

Outdoor Items:

1. Inspect and repair gutters and shingles.

2. Apply an extra coating of waterproofing to decks.

3. Prune shrubs.

4. Apply an extra layer of mulch to flower beds.

5. Turn off and drain faucets.

6. Take time to clean and store garden tools correctly. Apply light film of oil to exposed metal
of tools to prevent rusting.

Swimming Pool:

1. Balance the water.

2. Run filter for three or four days and clean.

3. Vacuum and brush pool.

4. Clean out skimmer baskets and traps.

5. Lower water level or drain completely (stand-alone spa only).

6. Cap skimmer and plug return end.

7. Blow out lines (in-ground pools and spas).

8. Use antifreeze specifically formulated for pools (in-ground pools and spas).

9. Place a pool pillow in center (above ground pools only).

10. Cover pool.

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