How to Repot House Plants

As a plant grows, it will eventually grow out of its pot and deplete the existing soil of
nutrients. For the plant to live and be healthy, it must be transplanted. This is a pretty simple technique that
does not require much time, but is vital for the plant to remain happy.

1. Several hours prior to the actual transplanting, water the plant thoroughly.

2. Make sure that the new, larger pot has proper drainage. If it does not have drainage, fill
the bottom of the new pot with about an inch of gravel. This will prevent the roots from rotting as the water will
drain in the gravel rather then sit at the bottom of the pot.

3. Fill the larger pot with about an inch of potting soil.

4. Gently grasp the main stems of the plant. Turn the pot upside down and gently ease out the
plant. If the plant had been previously watered, the plant should slip out easily.

5. Place the plant in the large pot and fill the side and top with potting soil.

6. Water thoroughly once again.

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