How to Hire the Right Home Remodeling Contractor

Be very, very careful picking somebody to remodel your home. This industry has been prone
to thievery. Almost everyone has heard of stories where contractors simply take the money and run before a job
is finished or even started.

1. Do not hire people who drop fliers off in your mailbox or who ring your doorbell and tell
you your roof or gutters need fixing.

2. For minor renovation jobs, take recommendations from friends and neighbors.

3. Look for pre-qualified contractors. National Contractors is a contractors placement firm working on the Internet today for
residential and commercial construction projects. This free service will help you find qualified contractors in
your area.

4. For major jobs, anything costing more than $5,000, get recommendations from the National Association
of Professional Remodeling Contractors or the Remodelers Council of the National Association of Home Builders.

5. Ask candidates for a list of the last 10 homes they\’ve worked on. Make sure to get the following

° Descriptions of what they did.

° The date they started the job.

° The date the job was completed.

° Previous customers phone numbers.

6. Ask each contractor what kind of insurance they carry.

7. Protect yourself by hiring people who have a current certificate of insurance or by making
sure you have enough liability coverage in your homeowner\’s policy. You do not want a law suit in case someone
who is uninsured is hurt on your property.

8. Do not sign a standard builder\’s supply house contract for a remodeling job.

9. Instead, consider using a contract from the American
Institute of Architects
or from the American Homeowners Foundation.

10. Get sub-contractors to waive their right to place a lien on your home if they are not paid
by the contractor.

11. Never agree to any contract that calls for a large payment up front.

12. Devise a reasonable timeline and pay schedule with the contractor under which the contractor
is paid as work is completed.

13. Include penalties for failing to complete the job on time.

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