How To Tile

Tricks for How to Tile a New Floor Quickly

Installing a tile flooring according to your choice would no more be a Herculean task if you master the art of how to tile. Essentially, a tile is a manufactured piece of hardware material comprising ceramic, stone, metal or even glass. These days you will find that tiling has become a popular choice of many people because of its smarter look, durability and easy maintenance. The main thing that is required for learning how to tile is patience and proper preparation.

Preparation matters most in learning how to tile

Before fixing your wall tile, it is necessary to ensure whether the preparations are ok or not. Ensure that you have all the materials and tools before starting the task. The old flooring must be removed completely before installing the new tiles. Since tiles are heavy, it is important to ensure that you have a clean, dry, flat surface to work on. Remove all the coverings and the unwanted materials as any indentations may later lead to tile cracking or show up in grouting.

If the tiling involves both the walls and the floors, it is recommended that you start with the walls first and then with floors. Remember the entire tiling job will require some sort of trimming and cutting so that they fit properly on the ground. Shaping of the tiles is must to fit different indentures, and there arises the need for proper utilization of tools.

Learning how to tile

Before you engage yourself in tiling, ensure that you have all the materials and tools. Make sure that you have a clean, dry, flat surface to work on. Remove all wall coverings, paint and other debris to ensure a sound base for tiling. Installation of the tiles plays a vital role and here arises the need to learn how to tile. Begin laying the tile from the center of the intersection of the two lines. You can use spirit level or baton to ensure a base level.

Technique of trimming and calculative cutting matters most in how to tile. All tiling jobs require some sort of cutting so that they fit properly in different indentures according to the requirements. For smaller jobs, you can use tile cutter or glasscutter but for larger projects, you may need a wet saw. Apply pressure when using tools for scoring, cutting and drilling, but never give excess pressure as this can cause a tile to crack.

Learning how to tile is not all about proper setting and trimming of tiles, it requires a good deal of knowledge on grouting. The grout should be mixed in paste and must be applied firmly into the joint across the tiles by grouting tools. Ensure that the grouts firmly get inside the joints.

Finally, engage yourself in the polishing task. Always polish the tiles with clean dry cloth. Remember, the more you polish, the more glazed the tiles look, enhancing the beauty of your room’s floor.

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