How To Tie A Tie

Learn How to Tie a Tie for Your Next Big Business Meeting

It is very important for any modern working professional to know how to tie a tie. Wearing tie has become very essential for a college graduate or for a person getting ready for the interview or a seasoned businessperson. Being able to tie a tie properly will enable you to look your best at any occasion and that will create a good impression on the fellow partner.

How to tie a tie – Necktie knots

Necktie knots are of different types. Many people think that neckties can be tied in one particular way, but the fact is not so. Remember that not all types of knots are suited for all types of occasion. Some are suited for special body types, while others are suited for special occasions.

Tying knots in the appropriate style will teach your how to tie a tie. The first type is the four-in-hand knot. This is also known as the school boy knot or the simple knot. It is considered to be the easiest knot that can be learned. It is narrow and slightly asymmetric knot. The Windsor knot is one such other knot that is named after the Duke of Windsor. It looks like thick, white, triangular knot that complements the spread collar shirts. Once you know how to tie the Windsor knot, you will love to wear it at the job interviews, political events and presentations.

The Half-Windsor knot is a smaller version of the Windsor knot, which looks like the symmetrically triangular knot that can be worn with any shirt. Hence, once you know how to tie a tie, then your job will become much easier to look more neat and appealing. Many prefer to wear the Pratt knot, which is wide and it produces an average-sized symmetrical knot that looks good on you. It looks good on light to medium fabrics. You will know how to tie a tie, if you are comfortable with wearing the bow ties. These types of ties are used for formal occasions like weddings and dinner parties.

Learn how to tie a tie

You should not allot more than 5 or 10 minutes to tie a tie. Always use a mirror to help yourself tie a tie. When tying the tie, try and measure whether the tie length is alright as per the length of your shirt. Before tying the tie, button up your shirt up to the collar buttons. Then, flip up the collar and wear the tie round your neck. Make sure that the wide part of tie hangs twice as low as the thin part.

The next step of learning how to tie a tie is taking the wide end of tie and wrapping it round the thin part, a little below your neck. After you wrap the wide end round the thin end, you will slip the wide through the knot that has been formed. You next step should be to tuck the long, wide end through the knot. Your last effort of knowing how to tie a tie is pulling the thin end and wide end from below and eventually tightening the knot. Lastly, you will pull the tie up to neck, but be careful that you do not choke yourself in the process.

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