How To Tie A Bow

Learn How to Tie a Bow to Accent Any Gift

Provide a professional finishing-touch to your gifts and gift baskets knowing how to tie a bow. When it is someone’s bridal invitation, birthday, anniversary or even December holidays we celebrate these events by offering giving gifts. The most important thing you need to consider when giving your gift is the presentation. Remember presentation is the thing that makes your gift the very first to be chosen and here arises the need to learn how to tie a bow using glossy, colorful ribbon.

You can collect these different types of lovely ribbons in your favorite craft stores, card stores, and even online. Keeping various assortments of these on hand will not only make things easier and faster, but also help you in approaching your gift-wrap projects without any tension. However, remember at the end of the day, it is your creativity and originality that matters most.

Learning the art of how to tie a bow

Learning how to tie a bow though sounds easy, but in reality it is not so. It needs proper knowledge and learning. If you want others to marvel at your wrapping skills, you need to learn little tweaking of your technique that will obviously help you to make a bow perfect using a ribbon. Here are some steps to help you out:

First step: In order to add a final touch and to make your gift the very first to be chosen, learning how to tie a bow is must. First, you need to wrap your gift with paper that you wish to use for your occasion. Once you wrap the gift with paper its time to make a bow. Take a scissor and make two cuts on each ribbon ends and cross the two ends of the ribbon and loop one end under the other. Make sure that the two sides of the ribbon in the bow are the same length.

Second step: Learning how to tie a bow is all about great care and attention. Bring the two ends of the ribbon together and twist them together, forming not exactly a knot but more of a twist that forces the two ends to be heading away from the midpoints and also to be running on the sides of the box.

Third step: Cross the two loops and pull the loops on top through the hole that exists between the two loops. Then pull tightly. Make a second loop, going the opposite direction. Give ribbon a half twist and make the third loop in the opposite direction. This way you can proceed forward in the process of learning how to tie a bow.

The Final step of how to tie a bow is very easy; however, it should be designed delicately. Repeat alternating direction until the bow is the size you want. Place the complete bow in center of your package to let others marvel at your wrapping skills.

Now with these easy instructions on how to tie a bow, hope you can easily learn how to make and tie a small or big beautiful ribbon bow on every gift you buy or create and every gift basket you make. This beautifully wrapped gift will not only provide you bucket of appreciation but will be the envied by everyone at the party.

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