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Learn How to Iron Clothes

How to iron clothes is an inevitable question for most of the households, since it is the most important domestic chore to be met by the house members. The reluctance of ironing clothes comes from the fact that many do not know how to iron clothes exactly the way it should be done.

The tricks of how to press properly

Before ironing your clothes, plug the iron and let it preheat for some time. When the iron starts sizzling then the iron is ready for use. Your next most important step is to look for tag on the garment, which says what kind of material is the cloth exactly. This is important for you to know, since that will determine how you are going to iron your clothes. Some clothes have very low tolerance for heat while other require, very low setting of heat. Silk, nylon and polyester need very low setting of heat. When you are using steam iron, make sure that the iron has sufficient amount of water in it.

Further, when you start ironing a cloth, make sure that you stretch the cloth across the ironing board. This will help you save some time in re-ironing the wrinkles with smooth and careful strokes. But when ironing make sure that you constantly keep on moving the iron, without stopping at any point, since that can burn the cloth. For an instance, how to properly iron shirts have been described below.

Learn how to iron your shirts and pants

Start ironing from the collar. This is the most important part of the shirt, which has to be ironed with care and so stretch the collar on the ironing board and press it correctly. Then, the next step of how to iron shirt is the sleeves. Start from the back of the sleeves and move to the front of the sleeves. Your next target should be the circumference of the sleeve. Always start from one side of the shirt and then move on slowly to the other side and while you do, remove all the wrinkles from the shirt. After you finish ironing make sure that you hang the shirt, by buttoning the top and center button.

In the same manner when you are learning how to iron pants, you should begin with the top part of the pant. The circumference of the waistband is the most important area, iron it carefully. Place the pant legs in parallel position on the board in the same direction and iron them. Erase the wrinkles and clean out the creases, so that your pant looks neat and ironed. So, these are some of the simple rules, which you must follow to know how to iron clothes properly.

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