How to Find the Best Rates and Save Money on Homeowners Insurance

Your home is your most valuable asset, and to protect it you probably have homeowners insurance.
But are you paying too much?

1. Do not over-insure. No matter how much insurance you carry, you won’t be paid more than the replacement cost
of anyloss.

2. Repair hazardous wiring, roofs and chimneys. With some companies, such repairs will earn you
a lower rate.

3. Take as large a deductible as you can comfortably afford. Over the long haul, you’ll save
money. This goes for all types of insurance as well.

4. Pay for replacement-cost coverage. Most policies pay the depreciated value rather than the
replacement cost of any losses.

5. Obtain a policy that runs for three to five years before renewal is necessary. A long term
commitment generally costs less than a short one. And, if you can, pay the entire annual premium at once, avoiding
expensive monthly charges that often accompany monthly or quarterly payments.

6. Determine if you qualify for special discounts. Many insurance companies offer discounts under
certain circumstances, including the following:

° Your home has one or more smoke detectors in good working

° You are a non-smoker.

° You’ve installed a heat-sensitive fire detector.

° You are 65+ years old.

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